The Beautiful Officemate

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She was the typical dark and dusky complexioned girl with a lovely figure, firm taut tits 34 C size and nice dark brown nipples, flat smooth hairless stomach with a lovely deep naval, a nice pouty set of pussy lips, with lovely pink inners the hair was sparse and just the right amount, never interfered with the tongue… and of course the most attractive about her: the ass a lovely pair of round ass cheeks 36 perfect  a cute puckered brown asshole with no hair around it and boy did she love spreading it for me.
I had always eyed her from the day I joined my new company  just seeing her in her tight jeans and watching her ass move man I needed that ass we soon got close and were a lovely pair, We started of the regular petting sessions me kissing her lovely lips and she responded very well always opening her mouth wide to welcome my tongue. I would scoop out the saliva from her mouth with my tongue and taste it, and she loved to do the same, soon

Thankyou - My sweet cousin

Secret Sex Stories
Hello friends, after long time once again I am back...... this story is again a true adventure of my secret sex life.

Durring my graduation days i had a chance to live with my parents. We had a double story house located in a well manged colony. I was given the only room on the upper portion. That was holiday season and I had my exams after that, so normally i was found in my room. On the meals time parents used to call me down.

"Hey, Sensual, hurry yourself down, dinner is hot" , mom shouted from the ground floor. " Today we also have Cathy with us", she added. Cathy?, I asked my self. She is my first cousin, daughter of my aunt (mom's sis). It was quite long that I saw Cathy. Immediately flashed in front of my eyes the time when we used to go at Cathy's place some years back. We hand not greater frankness with each other but we were good friends. No doubt she was a gorgeous girl. She was 5.3" probably, fair complexion, and a beautiful built of shoulders, breast tummy and hips. Not at all skinny she was, but a smart figure. I always found her with smiling pink lips, stuck together. Not very talkative, and cheerfully participating everything around her. I could remember her soft voice and decent manner of talking , slow and sober.There was "hmmmmm....." and a "Wow" in my heart. Hurriedly, I changed and rushed downstairs.

Neighbor Girl - Saira

Hi, you might have known about me if you have seen "it's me" on the right bottom corner of this page. This is my first Sex Story on this blog. I hope you like that. Please comment and subscribe to my feeds ....

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It was back ten years, when i used to live in Lahore, in some official colony. We had some nearby houses where used to live families from all over the Pakistan. Among those was a pathan family from Peshawar. Mr Khan had three daughters, age 25, 20 and 18. The particular girl that i was interested in was the youngest one, age 18.I was 24 then, doing some internship in some local company.

Once I had to come back earlier to my home, as all the family had to go to other city. All was normal, and the family left by about 1:00pm. That was November, and was moderate cold outside. The girl named, Saira, was also a friend of my younger sister, and used to visit my place often. As she was not knowing about the departure of my family, came to my place as usual.

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