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It was back ten years, when i used to live in Lahore, in some official colony. We had some nearby houses where used to live families from all over the Pakistan. Among those was a pathan family from Peshawar. Mr Khan had three daughters, age 25, 20 and 18. The particular girl that i was interested in was the youngest one, age 18.I was 24 then, doing some internship in some local company.

Once I had to come back earlier to my home, as all the family had to go to other city. All was normal, and the family left by about 1:00pm. That was November, and was moderate cold outside. The girl named, Saira, was also a friend of my younger sister, and used to visit my place often. As she was not knowing about the departure of my family, came to my place as usual.

The door was knocked, before i could barely get up to see, when I saw Saira entering the door.She was freshly clothed after the shower, and i could feel the sweet smell of wet hair. She asked me about my early return to home, and about the family, as it was very quite at my house except the sweet melody  from my computer's sound system. I asked her to stay there for some while to have some gossip, she agreed willingly. "Tea, would you like", i asked. She nodded positive, and i went to make us tea in the kitchen. After 10 mins, as came to the room with two cups in my hand, i was just shocked at the seen. My secret was exposed in front of me. She was sitting in front of my computer, and had opened the minimized window of internet explorer. There was all the porno pictures and sites were opened and she was just watching them. More shocking was, that she did not notice that I was standing on her back. She was totally involved the hardcore pictures. She was scrolling the pages slowly and was drowning on them. "Tea !", i shocked her, and she hurriedly tried to close the opened window, but could not. She was blushed and smiling. I left the cups on the table, and stood behind her chair. A picture, in which the woman was lying on the table with her legs open, with a penetrated dick was still on the display.

While standing behind the chair, i opened my arms to circle he shoulders. She rubbed her cheeks with my arms. That was indeed a clear signal from her. Though we had never shared such feelings before, yet we knew the burning desire between u. I wrapped my both hands around her neck, and started to rub my fingers on her collar bone. I bent my head and kissed her fresh hair at the top of her head. The smell of shampoo and wet hair was multiplying the sweet secret sensations.

Saira was sitting quite comfortable in the chair, holding her fingers of one hand in the other. While keeping my lips on her head, i extended my finger down her collar bone, and gently slipped toward her shoulders. "aaaaa ....hhaaaa....", a deep breath she took, and could feel little stiffness in her back, lifting her smart belly slightly upwards. fiddled with her bra strips, circled her shoulders for some time and then i extended my hands more towrds her breast.
 She was wearing a lose neck shirts, with buttons on the front. I opened her buttons and squeezed her breasts out of her bra. From the top i could see, her creamy, round breasts, with dark pink erected nipples. I messaged her breast softly, squeezed her nipples. She started moaning, her body was relaxed, and her hands were lying on sides.

I took Saira to the sofa and made her lay comfortably. I folded her shirt towards her shoulders, and started licking and sucking her round sexy breast and erotic nipples. Rubbed my fingers on her creamy belly and finally kissed her belly bottom. Slipped her shalwar(trousers) little sown and pressed my lips on her pubic bone, while pushing the palm my of my right hand against her pussy. I could feel the wetness on the cloth. Softly i helped her to roll down her trousers out of her feet. Almost naked she was lying on the sofa.

Once again i started sucking her nipples, and with my finger i rubbed the upper part of her pussy. Her head was lying on the side, and she was biting her lips. Her pussy was well lubricated and slippery. " ummmmmmmmmmm....". she moaned as i entered my finger i her hole. I started masturbating her. She opened her legs well apart. Now i was pushing my finger in and out faster and she was started moaning continuous. She was pushing her hips down and belly upwards. Soon she was about to give out her juice. I kept moving my finger faster. "UUmmm.......uuummmm....UUmmm....." and suddenly her body was relaxed.... I could feel the periodic stiffness in her pussy and the white juice oozing out in shots.

Leaving her that way, i removed my trouser. Moved her on her knees, facing her round hips towards me, while i was standing behind her with my hard dick hanging in front. The view of her pink wet pussy between her hips was making my cock stiffer. Again she moaned as i entered the tip of my cock in to the soft pink lips. She was really hot and wet  inside. Slightly i slipped my whole tool in side her. An then i started throbbing her deeper and deeper .... faster and faster.... in and out..

I was rubbing her hips, her back and thighs. Pulling completely out then entering it hard, slow and fast, i fucked her for about 15 mins. Saira came twice before i finally had i strong cum in her pussy. I pushed my cock deep in her, pushing her hips with my thighs.I was still jerking in her..... the last drop oozed......we both were breathing deep ..... sat down on the sofa ...hugging each other...............
............... she kissed me long...and said good bye... with a very pleasant and beautiful smile...her eyes promised for a future be continued till some new episode


Asma said...

hhhh.....your story made feel like that was awsome...plz keep writing....i'll wait for more stories from you
-your secret sex admirer

Asma said...
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Afshan said...

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angel25 said...

aaahhhhaahh what story i want to listen more this make my pussy wet

Sensual said...

Thanx alot :) ......

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